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Our origin dates back to 2003. We are incredibly proud of our history but are extremely committed to building the cricket community for the future. DCL is a nonprofit organization (under IRC Section 501[c][3]) with mission to foster cricket as a mainstream modern sport and empower all players inclusively to enjoy the league games responsibly through an established robust league framework and sports stewardship in partnership with the cities, parks and recreation officials in DFW area.

DCL is responsible for management and development of exciting, modern and digitalized Cricket in DFW area in Texas. It is one of the largest cricket league in USA by size as well as thought leadership and change catalyst. The formation of DCL was the culmination of a drive towards creating one unified body responsible for the management and development of every form of cricket that is practical and suitable in USA for women, youth and men. DCL includes hundreds of teams, clubs, juniors, youth and enthusiasts. It offers exciting menu of cricket to serve the needs of DFW players, residents and communities. DCL has transformed how cricket in Texas is organized to attract more players to the game, raise standards at all levels and promote cricket well beyond just emerging sports status.

DCL maintains direct relationship with 15+ cities including Parks and Recreational departments, officials and local cricket associations along with cricket clubs, independent teams and organizers. Currently, DCL organize games for 2500+ active cricketers in 15 cricket grounds with 5000+ fan base and strong leadership to orchestrate more than 1400 T20 games and various tournaments each year.

The huge DFW area is a special place to play and enjoy cricket ranging from Dallas downtown with beautiful skyline to the fields in small but peaceful towns with lakes nearby or churches in the background. We are proud of our traditions at DCL, and we like to blend competitive cricket with a friendly atmosphere on and off the field. We offer an environment where talent evolves spontaneously and is rewarded with challenging league cricket, but not at the expense of the game's traditional values of fair play and team spirit. There is room for cricketers of all skill levels to practice and play in a team which suits their individual aspirations.

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